Table 2

Clinical and biological characteristics of 25 (out of 88) SLE nephritis patients with serum sIL7R concentrations above the renal cut-off

AgeGendersIL7R (pmol/mL)dsDNA Ab titres (U/mL)Serum C3 (mg/dL)UPC ratioDisease status
26F4587167502.0Renal BILAG A
26M303532.5681.3Renal and mucocutaneous BILAG A
46F2658289465.4Renal BILAG A, 1 month later
44F2241125600.9Renal and neurological BILAG A, 2 months later
49F223243.8890.2Renal BILAG D
47F2220110.7810.13Renal BILAG A, 3 months later
56M211924.81500.2Renal BILAG C
27F18107.5900.3Renal BILAG C
29F18036765.80.1Renal BILAG D
27F1647158.5470.8Renal BILAG B
41F16361520572.1Renal, mucocutaneous and general BILAG A
43F15575.3970.2Renal BILAG D
51F149538.71340.6Renal BILAG D
47F14665.91010.2Renal BILAG D
28F1348255692.1Renal and general BILAG A, 1 month later
33F1291161531.9Renal BILAG A
24F117571240.1Renal BILAG B
19F1155179620.17Renal and general BILAG A
62F11566.3960.05Renal BILAG D
50F11547610.1Renal BILAG C
28F11482092742.8Renal and general BILAG A, 2 months later
31F112816.3520.1Renal BILAG C
61F11105760.1Renal BILAG D
47F110967.41060.5Renal BILAG A, 3 months later
25F10886.21145.6Renal and general BILAG A
  • sIL7R, soluble form of the interleukin-7 receptor; UPC, urinary protein to creatine.