Table 1

Baseline (=time at cohort entry) demographics and disease characteristics of patients included in the SLE cohort

Demographics and other characteristicsN patients with available data
Age at baseline, years35 (10–89)1884
Disease duration, years2 (0–48)1884
SLEDAI at baseline2 (0–31)1886
M-SLEDAI at baseline1 (0–27)1886
PGA at baseline0.5 (0–3)1882
Female sex, n (%)1744 (92.5)1886
 African-American, n (%)727 (38.5)1886
 Caucasian, n (%)1019 (54)1886
 Other, n (%)140 (7.4)1886
Education, years14 (0–28)1847
Smoking at baseline285 (15.2)1886
  • M-SLEDAI, modified SLE Disease Activity Index; PGA, Physician Global Assessment; SLEDAI, SLE Disease Activity Index.