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LP-019 Social maladjustment and anxiety-depressive spectrum disorders in system lupus erythematosus and primary antiphospholipid syndrome patients
  1. Anastasia Borisova1,2,
  2. Yuriy Veltishchev2,
  3. Tatyana Lisitsyna1,
  4. Tatiana Reshetnyak1,
  5. Olga Seravina2,
  6. Oksana Kovalevskaya2,
  7. Fariza Cheldieva1,
  8. Anton Abramkin1 and
  9. Artur Zeltyn2
  1. 1Thromboinflammation, V.A. Nasonova Research Institute of Rheumatology, Russian Federation
  2. 2Mental Disorders in Somatic Diseases, Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry, Serbsky NMRC PN MoH, Russian Federation


Background stress factors (SF), anxiety-depressive spectrum disorders (ADSD) in patients with rheumatic disorders (RD) are related to stress vulnerability

Methods 110 patients (62 – SLE, 48 – PAPS), mostly women (85 (77,3%)), mean (M±SD) age 37,5±12,2 years, were consecutively enrolled in the study. ADSD were diagnosed in accordance with ICD-10. PSS-10 scale was used.

Results The majority of patients suffered ADSD (100 (90,9%)), that were mostly related to SF and developed earlier than RD in 48 (77.4%) SLE and 31 (63.3%) PAPS patients.

SF in childhood (0–11 years) (58 (93,5%) vs 33 (68,8%) p=0,001), first of all parental deprivation in 0–3 years (44 (70.9%) vs 17 (35,4%), p=0,0001) were found more often in SLE than PAPS patients.

SF in adolescence (11–16 years) were more commonly found among SLE but not PAPS patients (34 (54.8%) vs 17 (35,4%), p=0,03) with more often social maladjustment in SLE (15 (24,2%) vs (4 (8,33%), p=0,02).

SF during few months before the RD onset were experienced by 45 (72.6%) SLE, 31 (64.5%) PAPS patients. SLE patients also were significantly more likely to be exposed to multiple stress factors before RD than PAPS (29 (46.8%) vs 9 (18.8%), p=0.002).

As a result, SLE were more vulnerable to stress factors compared to PAPS patients, according to PSS-10: 28,7±6,25 vs 26,2±6,68, p=0,05.

Conclusions SF in childhood are related to social maladjustment and predispose to ADSD and SLE onset.

  • SLE
  • PAPS
  • stress

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