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LP-159 Studying the disease activity and the degree of internal organ damage in systemic lupus erythematosus patients in the Kazakh population
  1. Гульжан Алибекова1,
  2. Nataliya Zemlyanskaya2,
  3. Gulmira Derbissalina2 and
  4. Galymzhan Togizbayev2
  1. 1Department of general medical practice, NJSC Astana Medical university, Kazakhstan
  2. 2Kazakh college of Rheumatology, Kazakh college of Rheumatology, Kazakhstan


Background To study the condition of patients, the assessment of disease activity and cumulative damage to internal organs, the degree of their influence on the prognosis of the course of patients with SLE in the Kazakh population.

Methods The study included 30 women with systemic lupus erythematosus. The average age of the studied patients was 36.33±7.928. The average duration of the disease varied from 1.5 to 8 years, and averaged 5 years.

We used Spearman’s correlation coefficient. The Spearman correlation coefficient equal to 0 indicated the absence of a connection between the signs, up to <0.5 – a weak connection, from 0.5 to <0.7 – a medium one, and from 0.7 to 1.0 – a strong connection

Results According to the SELENA-SLEDAI, low activity was detected in 3 (10%) patients, moderate and high in 15 (50%) and 12 (40%). Signs of arthritis were observed in 14 (46.7%) patients, myositis in 17 (56.7%), skin rashes in 15 (50%), mucosal ulcers in 10 (33.3%) and alopecia in 9 (30% ) patients.

By SLICC/ACR, there were low damage in 2 (6.7%), medium in 18 (60%), high in 9 (30%) patients. The average score for the SELENA-SLEDAI was 10 points (from 2 to 19 points), for the SLICC/ACR-3.6 points (from 0 to 9 points). Among the most frequent injuries were changes in the organs of vision and cognitive impairment, noted in 11 (36.7%), peripheral neuropathy in 9 (30.0%) patients.

A strong correlation was found between SELENA-SLEDAI and SLICC/ACR (rρ=0.701, p<0.0001). A moderate correlation between the duration of SLE disease and SELENA-SLEDAI (rρ=0.619, p<0.0001) and SLICC/ACR (rρ=0.592, p=0.001).m

Conclusions revealed the relationship between the activity of SLE and the degree of damage to internal organs. It depend on the duration of SLE disease. SELENA-SLEDAI and SLICC/ACR reliably reflect indicators of cumulative disease activity.

  • systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Kazakh population
  • disease activity

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