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LSO-066 Spanish national regsitry of belimumab in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus
  1. Vicente Aldasoro1,
  2. María Laiño1,
  3. Mónica Enguita1,
  4. Javier Loricera2,
  5. Clara Moriano3,
  6. Carmen Lasa2,
  7. Vanesa Calvo2,
  8. Francisco Javier Narváez4,
  9. Pablo Navarro5,
  10. Ivette Casafont6,
  11. Judit Font6,
  12. Adela Gállego7,
  13. Irene Carrión8,
  14. Patricia Quiroga9,
  15. Santos Castañeda9,
  16. Ángel García10,
  17. Joaquín Belzunegui11,
  18. Juán Ramón de Dios12,
  19. Samuel Hernández13,
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  21. Aaron Fariña15,
  22. Francisco Navarro16,
  23. Rafaela Ortega17,
  24. Leticia del Olmo18,
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  26. Eztizen Labrador19,
  27. María Carmen Ortega20,
  28. Patricia Castro20,
  29. Juan Blanco21,
  30. Marcos Paulino22,
  31. María Ángeles Matías23,
  32. Cilia Peralta24,
  33. Silvia García25,
  34. Jordi Camins26,
  35. Ana Urruticoechea27,
  36. Miguel Medina28,
  37. Piter Cossio29,
  38. Eva Pérez30,
  39. Blanca Varas31,
  40. Carlos Vázquez32,
  41. Nuria Vegas33,
  42. Olga Rusinovich34,
  43. Emilio Giner35 and
  44. José Ramón Lamúa36
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Background First multicenter study in clinical practice in SLE patients treated with BLM in Spain.

Methods Descriptive, retrospective, multicenter study in patients diagnosed with SLE according to EULAR/ACR 2019, SLICC and/or ACR 1997 diagnostic criteria. Data regarding SLE patients treated with BLM were collected from medical records (2011–2022). Demographic features, efficacy, analytical variables, SLEDAI, renal involvement, steroid dose, administration routes and safety were assessed.

Results Baseline characteristics of patients are summarized in table 1.

A total of 462 patients (36 hospitals) were included, 50.9% were on intravenous (IV), 34% on subcutaneous (SC) and 15.1% switched from IV to SC route. The median number of pre-BLM csDMARD use was 2.0 (2.0–3.0), being hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) the most frequently used (94.5%). Fifty-two patients were treated with IV cyclophosphamide with a median of 6 bolus received. At the time of BLM start, 443 patients were on prednisone with a median dose of 6.2 mg (5.0–10.0). A statistically significant decrease in prednisone dose, SLEDAI and DNA was observed from baseline until the last visit, whereas complement C3 and C4 values raised (p<0.001) (figure 1). A total of 118 patients (27.4%) had renal involvement with a median proteinuria of 1.0 g/day (0.5–2.4). Renal biopsy was done in 102 out of 118 patients, being class IV (33%), class III (21%) and class V (16%) the most reported. After BLM, 73.3% of these patients improved (median proteinuria of 0.2 g/day (0.1–0.7)). A total of 143 (30.5%) patients discontinued treatment mostly due to inefficacy (55.9%) and infections (11.9%). In fact, 116 patients developed infections, most of them mild; 2 patients died, 16 had COVID and 4 patients developed tumors requiring discontinuation of the drug.

Conclusions In our cohort BLM has been effective, safe and seems to be a good choice for patients with not severe renal involvement.

Abstract LSO-066 Figure 1

Prednisone time-dependent evolution

Abstract LSO-066 Table 1

Baseline characteristics of patients included in Belimumab Spanish registry

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