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Correction: Differences in reproductive health discussions in an urban hispanic population with SLE: lessons from the field

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Delgado M, Rodman J, Xepoleas M, et al. Differences in reproductive health discussions in an urban Hispanic population with SLE: lessons from the field. Lupus Sci Med 2024;11:e001095. doi: 10.1136/lupus-2023-001095

This article was previously published with an error.

There were two survey versions in the dataset used for the study: one in Spanish and one in English. A minor disparity exists between the Spanish and English versions of a question since two of the potential answers were combined in the Spanish translation. As this discrepancy only impacted one minor question and not the important questions addressed in the primary analyses, it has no bearing on the great majority of analyses or findings.

Consequently, the last two sentences in the ‘Limitations in initiating conversation’ under the Results section have been changed to:

‘Moreover, limitations stemming from appointment time, comfort level, safety concerns surrounding pregnancy, or perception of provider knowledge were not significantly different between English and Spanish respondents (online supplemental table 3).’