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2017 - Volume  4 - Suppl 1

LUPUS 2017 & ACA 2017, (12th International Congress on SLE &, 7th Asian Congress on Autoimmunity)

Plenary Session 1: Lupus in 2017: from molecular targets to new therapies

Plenary Session 2: Lupus nephritis: from bench to bedside

Plenary Session 3: Challenges in drug development and clinical trial design in SLE

Plenary Session 4: Cutting edge science in SLE

Plenary Session 5: Outcome measures and treatment targets in SLE

Parallel Session 1: CNS lupus

Parallel Session 2: Cell targeting in SLE

Parallel Session 4: Lupus reflections across the continents: are we addressing the needs of our patients?

Parallel Session 5: Lupus nephritis

Parallel Session 7: Manifestations, comorbidities and complications

Parallel Session 8: Innate immunity and interferon

Parallel Session 9: The mosaic of autoimmunity

Parallel Session 10: APS

Parallel Session 11: Effector T cells in SLE

Parallel Session 15: Pearls in autoimmunity

Parallel Session 16: Quality of care and patient reported outcomes

Parallel Session 18: Autoimmunity and the environment

Free Communications 1 — Biomarker discovery

Poster Session

Adaptive immunity and lymphocytes

Antiphospholipid syndrome

New therapies and therapeutic targets – other autoimmune diseases

New therapies and therapeutic targets – SLE

Other basic science

Paediatric SLE

SLE Complications and comorbidities

Clinical trials

Genetics, epigenetics, omics, biomarkers and personalised medicine in SLE and autoimmunity

Innate immunity

Innate immunity

Microbiome, infections, probiotics and nutritional factors in autoimmunity

Pregnancy: the mother and the child

SLE Epidemiology and risk factors

Vaccines, adjuvants and autoimmunity

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