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390 Outcomes of pregnancy of kyrgyz sle patients
  1. G Koilubaeva1,
  2. G Koilubaeva1,
  3. R Tatiyana2,
  4. A Elena2,
  5. S Sergei2,
  6. N Evgeniy2,
  7. D Ainagul1,
  8. E Venera1 and
  9. K Elmira1
  1. 1National Centre of Cardiology and Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
  2. 2Institute of Rheumatology at Russian Academy of Medical Science, Rheumatology, Moscow, Russia


Background and aims To study outcomes of pregnancy of Kyrgyz SLE patients.

Methods Included 75 patients with SLE passed the examination in the clinic NCCIM from 2001 to 2011. Age of women was 30 [20; 40] years old, duration of the disease on the 1st point-3 [0.8; 40] years. Assessed disease activity by SLEDAI 2K 1st point and the end point after an average of 6.38±3.48 years.

Results Evaluation of outcomes of gestation showed that in 9 cases, there has been a termination of pregnancy in the 1st trimester due to the high activity of SLE. They were mostly women with active lupus nephritis (7), one case with massive exudative pericarditis and one patient with lupus hepatitis. Pregnancy in 6 women on the background of a moderate (2) and minimal disease activity (4), with a primary skin (4) and articular syndrome (1), with the trace proteinuria (1) completed delivery of healthy children in the gestation of 36 to 38 weeks. In 3 of them - by Caesarean section, in 3 others - it was delivery was vaginally at 39 weeks gestation. 27 did not have children because of the risk of adverse effects of pregnancy on the course of the disease; the other 27 women had children prior to the development of SLE.

Conclusions Half of the women (52%) was not able to have children due to the high risk of adverse effects of pregnancy on the course of the disease, with active SLE caused the interruption of pregnancy in 13% of patients.

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