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92 Effect of curcumin and vitamin d on disease activity, fatigue, and cytokine profile in systemic lupus erythematosus patients with deficiency vitamin d
  1. CS Wahono,
  2. H Kalim,
  3. I Saveria,
  4. CD Setyorini,
  5. Z Wahyuni,
  6. RA Dimpudus and
  7. H Kusworini
  1. Medical Faculty Brawijaya University, Rheumato-Immunology, Malang, Indonesia


Background and aims SLE patient who had deficiency of vitamin D, had worsen clinical manifestation. Vitamin D and Curcumin ; a novel Vitamin D Receptor (VDR) ligand, are immunomodulator. The purpose of this study, to compare efficacy whether curcumin supplementation in vitamin D treatment will give improvement of disease activity, fatigue and proteinuria in SLE patient with vitamin D deficiency.

Methods This study was a double blind RCT included 40 active SLE patient more than 18 yo with level 25(OH)D3 ≤30 ng/ml were enrolled for this study. There were divided into 2 group, control group who received cholecalciferol 3 × 400 IU plus placebo and trial group who received cholecalciferol 3 × 400 IU and curcumin 3 × 20 mg for 6 months. Demorgrafic data, family history, medications, laboratory test, SLEDAI and FSS were taken before and after treatment. Serum cytokines were measure uisng ELISA. The results between 2 groups were evaluated with independent t-test and spearman/pearson correlation test using SPSS software.

Results Age of participant are 28.1±8.1, disease duration 3.1±2.3 year.The addition of curcumin in the suplemtation treatment with vitamin D increase the benefit of vitamin D. Combination of curcumin and vitamin D result in better disease activity suppression , less fatigue and less proteinuria compare with vitamin D supplementation alone. The clinical improvement were related to decrease in proinflammatory cytokines ( IFNg, TNFa and IL-17 ). There were no major adverse events in both groups.

Conclusions The addition of curcumin to the vitamin D supplementation therapy result in better efficacy.

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