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113 Effect of microparticles derived from patients with lupus erythematosus systemic (SLE) on modulation of micrornas 146a and 126, in a monocyte cell line
  1. G Vasquez1,
  2. LJ Carmona-Perez1,
  3. CH Muñoz-Vahos2,
  4. AL Vanegas-Garcia2 and
  5. M Rojas1
  1. 1Universidad de Antioquia, Grupo de Inmunología Celular e Inmunogenética GICIG. Instituto de Investigaciones Médicas- Facultad de Medicina-, Medellin, Colombia
  2. 2Hospital Universitario San Vicente Fundación, Sección Reumatología, Medellin, Colombia


Background and aims Important miRNAs are involved in the modulation of immune functions and can be found in the intra- and extracellular environments, in circulation attached to RNA-binding molecules or packed in form of microparticles (MP). Given this, MP could have an important role in intercellular communication, modulation and expression of miRNAs in their target cells.

To establish whether MP of SLE patients can modulate the expression of miRNAs (miRNA 126, miRNA 146a) and their target molecule (interferon response factor 5, IRF5) in the monocyte cell line U937.

Methods MP obtained from serum of SLE and other autoinmune diseases (OAD) patients, and healthy controls were used as stimulus in the cell line U937 to evaluate their effect over: 1) The expression of membrane markers through flow cytometry, 2) content of miRNAs 126 and 146a through PCR and 3) expression of their target molecule, IRF5 by Western Blot.

Results We observed, a decrease in HLA-DR, CD18, CD119 and an increase of IL-6 in U937 stimulated with MP from healthy controls, patients with active and inactive SLE, as well as patients with OAD. Additionally, a positive effect over the expression of miR126 and a negative effect over the expression of miR146a were observed. IRF5 as a target of miRNA146, did not change after MP treatment independent of MP origin.

Conclusions Our results suggested that MPs may have a regulatory effects, inducing a decreased expression of membrane molecules and miRNAs-146 levels, without effect in IRF5. In addition, MPs increased levels of cytokines and miRNA-126, latter is related with the demethylation.

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