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121 Interferon stimulated long noncoding rna lncrna-cmpk2 facilitates neutrophils interferon production by tlr7/8 agonist in sle
  1. Z Xue1,
  2. Y Tang1,
  3. M Dai1,
  4. S Chen1 and
  5. N Shen1,2
  1. 1RenJi Hospital- School of Medicine- Shanghai JiaoTong University, Shanghai Institute of Rheumatology, Shanghai, China
  2. 2Cincinnati Children’s Hospital- Medical Centre, The Centre for Autoimmune Genomics and Aetiology CAGE, Cincinnati- Ohio, USA


Background and aims Neutrophils are important source of high interferon in SLE, we aimed to identify Long noncoding RNAs (LncRNAs) that can be strongly induced by interferon and simultaneously show different expression in neutrophils of SLE and healthy controls. We also investigated how this LncRNA modulate neutrophils interferon production.

Methods RNA-seq was performed in two series of samples, interferon stimulated neutrophils samples and SLE versus healthy controls neutrophils samples. LncRNA-CMPK2 was screened out by cross-reference the two RNA-seq results. Neutrophils interferon production was measured by qPCR and ISRE report gene assay after LncRNA-CMPK2 was knocked down using antisense oligos electrotransfection.

Results SLE neutrophils produced more interferon when stimulated by TLR7/8 agonist R848 as compared to healthy controls. Neutrophils enhanced interferon production capacity after interferon prime. LncRNA-CMPK2 was an interferon stimulated LncRNA in neutrophils and had an expression level correlated with SLE disease activity. Knock down LncRNA-CMPK2 attenuated neutrophils interferon production.

Conclusions Interferon can augment neutrophils interferon production capacity in regenerative feedback. LncRNA-CMPK2 was an important interferon stimulated LncRNA and can facilitate neutrophils interferon production in SLE. Accommodate the expression of LncRNA-CMPK2 could probably supply a new thread of thought to SLE treatment.

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