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139 Clinical presentations and outcomes of filipino male lupus patients
  1. JC Magtibay1
  1. 1Philippine General Hospital, Paediatrics, Manila, Philippines


Background and Aims Systemic lupus erythematosus(SLE)is a multisystemic disease affecting almost all of the organ systems.Children frequently manifests with non specific signs and symptoms.Renal involvement accounts for 40%–70% of SLE patients.Male lupus represent a small percentage but should not be underestimated in terms of most health-related issues.

Methods Hospital charts seen at the Philippine General Hospital(PGH) over a 10 year period(2004–2013) were retrieved and reviewed from the Medical Records.Demographic,clinical presenting features and manifestation during the illness and laboratory findings during the course of the disease for each patient were collected.

Results Two hundred fifteen lupus patients were seen at PGH from 2004–2013. The female to male ratio was 6:1(186 f,29 m).Of the 29 lupus patients,13 charts were retrieved. The mean age at diagnosis was 13.3 years(SD 3.4) from 6–18 years old. Oedema(53.8%), fever(46.1%), abdominal pain(38.4%) and easy fatigability (30.7%) were the most common features at disease onset while renal involvement (84.6%),malar rash (53.8%) and oral ulceration(46.1%) were common at the time of diagnosis. All of 9 patients with ANA titers were positive. Anti-dsDNA antibodies were high in 3 patients.Low complement values were seen in 83.3%. The follow-up period ranged from 0.2-2y with a mean duration of 1.2±0.6 y.Four went into remission but 3 patients died, 3 patients transitioned to adult section and 3 were lost to follow-up.

Conclusions Oedema and renal involvement were the most common feature at the onset and at the the time of the disease, respectively. All male lupus patients had positive ANA and low C3 results. Causes of death were:active disease, sepsis and DIC. Early recognition and diagnosis will lead to prompt institution of treatment that will benefit lupus patients.

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