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149 Lupus exercise and personal medication record on mobile application to help improve the quality of life of people with lupus
  1. D Syarief
  1. Bandung, Indonesia


Background and aims Syamsi Dhuha (Morning Light) Foundation (SDF) has identified two major challenges among the lupus patients who are members of SDF:

  • Those who have joint pain and muscle stiffness find it difficult to do their daily activities.

  • Those who have to consult two or more doctors/physicians are having difficulties to combine and maintain their medical records in one place

The above challenges brought us to the current works as solutions to the problems

  • To create ”Lupus Exercise” (LE)

  • To create “Lupie Diary Mobile Application” (LD App),

Methods SDF worked together with the Faculty of Sports Education and Health, Education University of Indonesia in developing LE. This LE is recorded and uploaded into YouTube, making it possible for lupus patients to follow the exercise.

SDF worked together with the School of Pharmacy at University of Surabaya, in developing the content for personal medication records. The App is available in Indonesia, English and Mandarin languages, and can be installed on android smartphones.

Results LE is a set of exercise suitable for people living with Lupus, as it:

  • can ease joint pain and stiffness if done regularly

  • can promote better general health conditions

LD App is a personal medication record application for smartphone users, intended to help lupus patients:

  • record their personal medication history

  • remind them to take medication and scheduled therapy

  • save images of lab test results

Conclusions Both LE and LD App is expected to help people with lupus in coping with Lupus and in helping improve their quality of life.

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