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PS7:149 Cold compress from cassava as a novel therapy to prevent exacerbations and improve quality of life of lupus patients with stress
  1. ESD Sari
  1. Universitas Brawijaya, Malang, Indonesia


Cassava is one of Indonesia’s natural materials that can be utilised as a basic ingredient of cold compress. New effect of cold compress founded to decrease the stress responses of Lupus patients. Purpose: to know the effects of cold compress from cassava to reduce stress responses, decrease exacerbations, and improve quality of life of patients with Lupus.

Methods 126 young adult Lupus patients with similar in sex, ethnicity, education status, and active disease activity (SLEDAI score >3) measured their stress responses and quality of life using Lupus Quality of Life Questionnaire (Lupus-QoL) (pretest). Stress responses measured include physical responses {blood pressure, respiratory, headache scale, and insomnia using Insomnia Rating Scale (IRS), cognitive responses using Cognitive Symptoms Inventory (CSI), and emotional responses using Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS)}. Lupus patients with positive stress responses were given therapy of cold compress from cassava (17–24C) in forehead area for 20 min before bedtime for one week. Patients with cold allergies, open wounds in the compressed area, circulatory disorders, and Raynaud’s syndrome were excluded. After one week of therapy, the patients (n=114) measured SLEDAI score, stress responses, and quality of life (posttest).

Results 62% had elevated blood pressure; 68% had respiratory enhancement; 72% had moderate-to-severe headache; 68% had insomnia; 56% increased CSI score; and 62% had mild-to-severe stress level. Cold compress therapy have significant effects in decreasing stress responses including respiratory, headache, insomnia, cognitive impairment, and stress levels (p=0.08, p=0.01, p=0.00, p=0.02, and p=0.00 respectively). The SLEDAI score decreased 32% (p=0.04) and the Lupus-QoL increased 27% (p=0.03). Suspected, local effects of vasoconstriction, decrease capillary permeability, and decrease temperature of prefrontal cortex in the brain by cold compress can decrease vasodilatation when headache occur and induce patients to sleep early. At bedtime, norepinephrine levels will decrease so the cognitive and emotional stress responses can be repaired. No side effects were found.

Conclusions This is a preliminary evidence to support hypothesis of development of cold compress from cassava as stress therapy in lupus that can be used to prevent exacerbations and improve the quality of life of Lupus patients.

  • Cold compress
  • Cassava
  • Stress

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