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PS8:163 Characteristics and outcome of lupus nephritis in morocco
  1. I Haddiya
  1. Faculty of Medicine, University Mohamed First, Oujda, Morocco


There is wide variation in clinical presentation and outcome of lupus nephritis (LN) among different ethnic groups. Few data for LN exist on North Africans, especially those from Morocco. The aim of our study was to review retrospectively the features and outcome of LN in Moroccan patients.

Patients and methods We performed a multicentric retrospective study. A total of 209 patients with LN were included. All patients met American Rheumatism Association criteria. LN was classified according to the International Society of Nephrology/Renal Pathology Society classification. We adopted previously defined outcome criteria for LN.

Results There were 185 females and 24 males, with a mean age of 27.2 years. At first presentation, we noted hypertension in 31%, hematuria in 72%, nephrotic syndrome in 47%, and renal failure in 64% of cases. Renal biopsy revealed predominant proliferative classes in more than 80% of patients. Patients received different regimens mainly based on intravenous cyclophosphamide and Mycophenolate. After a mean follow-up of 22 months, remission occurred in 46.7%, relapses in 81%, end-stage renal failure in 24%, and death in 13% of cases. Infection and neurological and cardiovascular diseases were the most frequent causes of death.

Conclusion LN seems to be severe in our study, with a predominance of proliferative forms, severe renal manifestations, and poor renal and overall survival.

  • Lupus Nephritis
  • Outcome
  • Proliferative Forms

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