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PS3:50 Incidence, disease severity and outcome of lupus nephritis. results from an inception cohort of hispanic sle patients
  1. JV Medina-Gomez,
  2. MC Ocampo-Torres,
  3. P Lara-Reyes,
  4. Z Garcia-Sanabria and
  5. J Romero-Diaz
  1. Instituto Nacional de Cs Medicas y Nutricion S.Z. Department of Immunology and Rheumatology, Mexico City, Mexico


Background Lupus nephritis among Hispanic SLE patients have been identified with poor outcomes when it is compared to other populations; so, we aimed to identify lupus nephritis characteristics and its outcomes in an inception cohort of Hispanic SLE patients.

Patients and methods two-hundred twenty-three patients with SLE of recent-onset were studied. At baseline, standardised medical history and laboratory tests were done; follow-up visits occurred quarterly, and information about renal disorder, disease activity, damage accrual and comorbidities was updated annually. Main outcome was the development of renal disorder since SLE diagnosis, incidence of LN and ESRD over time, and mortality associated with renal disease.

Results At entry into the cohort, age of SLE patients [mean(SD)] was 27.3 (9,1) years and 90% were female. One-hundred thirty-one (59%) patients developed lupus nephritis during 9.95 years of follow-up; incidence-rate 59/1000 py, most events (78%) were developed within the first year of diagnosis. Patients with lupus nephritis had lower baseline BMI, less frequency of arthritis, and higher hypertension. There were no differences on age at lupus diagnosis, gender and baseline comorbidities between lupus patients with and without renal involvement. Among patients with renal biopsy, 80% had ISN/RPS Class IV and V alone or in combination. Twenty-eight (21%) developed ESRD, five of them (18%) have been received renal transplantation. Severe renal disease was strongly associated with poor outcomes in this cohort.

Conclusion LN in Hispanic SLE patients represents an early and severe manifestation with higher incidence. It imposes poorer prognosis during first years of disease duration.

  • Lupus Nephritis
  • Outcome
  • Hispanic

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