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279 Sexual dysfunction in a brazilian cohort of Belimumab treated SLE patients
  1. Morton Scheinberg,
  2. Andrea Pimentel Fonseca Golmia,
  3. Ricardo Golmia,
  4. Gislene Ferrarezi and
  5. Aline Pinheiro dos Santos Cortada
  1. Clinical Research Center Hospital AACD


Background Systematic review and metaanalysis results of sexual dysfunction in patients with systemic lúpus erythematosus are contradictory. We investigate the quality of sexual activity in 74 patients with SLE receiving standard care of therapy and the addition of monthly injections of belimumab.

Methods The Female Sexual Function Index (FSfi), obtained by applying a 19-item questionnaire that assesses six domains (sexual desire, arousal, vaginal lubrication, orgasm, sexual satisfaction and pain), was used.

Results The mean ±SD was desire 162.9±10.02 arousal 143.4±8.6 lubrification 213.7±13.4 orgasm 214.4±14.8 satisfaction 222.4±19.9 pain 165.6±11.7

Conclusions The FSFi in SLE patients are decreased when compared with what is reported in placebo populations but its magnitude is reduced when compared with results reported in other severe chronic diseases. This findings suggests that further studies are needed to find out if belimumab treated SLE patients have some degree of protective effect in sesxual dysfunction.

Funding Source(s): Funding source Institutional and GSK.

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