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07 B cells as a therapeutic target in SLE: where we are today and where we may be tomorrow
  1. Thomas Dörner
  1. Charite University Hospitals Berlin, Germany


Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a heterogeneous disease characterised by abnormalities in cellular and humoral immunity with clear hints that abnormalities of B lineage cells (B and plasma cells) are key drivers.

Clinical experiences with belimumab as a first approved targeted SLE treatment provide robust evidence that blocking BLyS/BAFF selectively interfering with B cell survival can change the course of the disease, including prevention of damage accrual. Recent failures of first generation anti-CD20 (rituximab, ocrelizumab) and BTK inhibitors (fenebrutinib/GDC-08532 and evobrutinib3) together with the occurrence of anergic B cells in SLE3 provide the rational for various innovative strategies. These include more profound targeting by second generation anti-CD20 modalities (obinutuzumab4) CD19 (CART, bispecific antibodies) or employing other immune targets, such as CD38 (daratumumab), or BAFFR (ianalumab).

In addition, enhancing regulatory B-cell functions may hold attractive opportunities. Such strategies have potential to reinstall the balance of pathogenic and protective B cells with the potential of more specific therapies. Moreover, these treatment targets should have the potential to overcome the status of anergic B cells holding promise to escape the detrimental chronic autoimmune process. In this context, targeting checkpoint molecules that downmodulate intracellular phosphatases, such as CD40 or other targets of this family on B cells, and enhancing Treg cells, may provide increased control of B-cell activation. Another potential innovative treatment modality could be the use of non-depleting bispecific antibodies may open more selective B cell subset targeting of enhancing the potency of depletion in the future.4 5


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Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the translational concept of anergic (APA, immunosenescent) B cells in SLE

  • Explain the impact of indirect targeting of B cells by anti-BLyS/BAFF treatment

  • Discuss depleting versus non-depleting strategies of B cells in SLE

  • Explain the concept of overcoming APA (immunosenescent) B cells and the rational of anti-CD40 treatment as a checkpoint modulatory concept

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