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PO.8.181 Lupus pregnancies: pooled data from sub-saharan Africa
  1. M Essouma1,
  2. JR Nkeck2,
  3. JJ Bigna3,
  4. GA Nkoro2,
  5. S Ralandison4 and
  6. E Hachulla5
  1. 1London ~ UK
  2. 2Yaoundé ~ Cameroon
  3. 3Paris ~ Cameroon
  4. 4Tamatave ~ Madagascar
  5. 5Lille ~ France


Background This was the first scoping review on lupus pregnancies from sub-Saharan Africa.

Methods We searched PubMed, EMBASE and Africa Journals Online as well as reference lists of retrieved articles, to select relevant studies published in the period 01/01/2000–28/10/2019. Data were combined through narrative synthesis.

Results Of 2693 papers, we included 4 studies retrospectively reporting 137 pregnancies in 102 women over a 26-year period.The mean age at conception ranged from 27.2 to 39.9 years. Kidney disease (43 [42.2%] patients) was the predominant organ manifestation before conception. Ninetey-seven pregnancies resultesd in 98 live births. SLE flares occurred in 44 (32.2%) pregancies, mainly skin (20.4%) and renal flares. Major adverse pregnancy outcomes (APOs) were preterm birth 38.8%, low birth weight 29.8%, pregnancy loss 29.2% and pre-eclampsia 24.8%. The main factors associated with APOs were lupus nephritis and SLE flares.

Conclusions Over two thirds of lupus pregnancies resulted in live birth in sub-Saharan Africa. The main APOs described elsewhere are also seen in sub-Saharan Africa, with high rates. High-quality research is urgently needed.

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