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PO.3.62 Cardiopulmonary disease in SLE- increasing trend!
  1. S Balasubramanian and
  2. S Nallasivan
  1. Velammal Medical College Hospital and Research Institute ~ Madurai ~ India


Introduction Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is an autoimmune disease that can affect every organ system.1 Cardiopulmonary complications of SLE contribute to significant morbidity and mortality among the affected population and range from subclinical to fulminant organ failure.

We studied patients with SLE and focussed on the distribution of Cardiopulmonary manifestations and their SLICC scores.

Purpose To analyse the cardiopulmonary manifestations in our cohort and compare with other Indian studies.

Methodology All consecutive patients with SLE, diagnosed by Rheumatologist in the medical college hospital over 3 months (both new and reviews) were studied for clinical presentations. After getting patients’ consent, data was collected regarding demographic details, clinical manifestations, investigations, including CT chest, Echo and PFT, and the clinical course. Ethics committee approval was obtained.

Results Total 50 patients, Mean Age : 29.28, Sex Ratio : 9:1 (F:M)

Fever was present in 29/50 patients, cough in 19/50 and Shortness of Breath in 27/50. Anemia was seen in 35/50, thrombocytopenia in 24/50 and leukopenia in 13/50 .

Immunology showed 22 had dsDNA while 6 had Sm antibody. ANA was positive in all. Renal lupus was seen in 23. Mean SLICC Score was 20.1. Pleural Effusion and Pneumonia were the most common pulmonary manifestations, while pericardial effusion and LV dysfunction were the common cardiac manifestations.

Discussion 1. Cardiopulmonary manifestations in this cohort are similar to other studies done in India.

2. 50% of patients with SLE and serositis manifested with renal lupus and high SLICC scores, which is higher compared to other studies on SLE.

Abstract PO.3.62 Table 1

The table showing the number of patients within different ranges of SLICC Scores

Conclusion Cardiopulmonary involvement is increasingly detected in patients with SLE.


  1. Turaka V, Koshy K, George T, et al. Clinical outcomes in patients with cardiac lupus: a retrospective study. Indian Journal Of Rheumatology 2020:15(2).

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