Table 2

Proteinuria assessed by the dipstick method (Accustrip URS 10) in the urine of MRL-MpJ and MRL-lpr/lpr mice provided water, CU or TU (third urine collection; week 11)

Mouse #GroupProtein (mg/dL)
Panel A
Panel B
  • Panel A: urine protein (mg/dL) in MpJ -water, MpJ-CU and MpJ-TU groups of mice. Panel B: urine protein (mg/dL) in lpr-water, lpr-CU and lpr-TU groups of mice.

  • Mouse # 11, procedure-related death, hence no urine for analysis.

  • CU, curcumin; Neg, negative; Neg-Trace, negative to trace amounts of protein; Trace-30, trace level of protein to 30 mg/dL of protein; TU, turmeric.