Table 1

Baseline demographic characteristics of patients with SLE and control subjects

Population demographicsTotal patients (N=344)Total controls (N=319)p Value*
Female gender95%93%NS
Age in years, mean (SD)(N=330)(N=303)
 Asian/Pacific Island7%11%NS
Marital Status(N=341)(N=318)
 Never married45%35%<0.01
#Adults in household(N=344)(N=321)
 Average (mean)2.1 (SD 1)2.1 (SD 1.4)NS
#Children in household(N=340)(N=314)
 Average (mean)0.7 (SD 1)0.8 (SD 1.2)NS
 HS graduation or less25%21%NS
 Some college41%33%<0.05
 4 year college17%25%<0.05
 >4 year college17%21%NS
Income (US dollars/year)(N=324)(N=295)
 ≤34 99951%36%<0.01
 35 000–74 99925%26%NS
 ≥75 00024%38%<0.01
  • *NS=p value exceeds 0.05.

  • HS, high school; SLE, systemic lupus erythematous.