Table 1

Genetics of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) for which thrombocytopenia was found to define or enhance the effect

AuthorNo. of patientsEthnicityGene (SNP)TechniqueEffect size
Scofield57184 families*North Am11p13 near CD44Genetic linkageLOD score=3.71 in all
LOD score=5.71 in AA
Trivedi154252North AmOsteopontin/rs11730582CCandidate gene/SNP typing genetic associationOR=2.1
Piotrowski63199PolandMonocyte chemoattractant protein 1/rs1024611Candidate gene/SNP typing genetic associationOR=2.62
Amengual155134JapanHuman platelet antigen 6Candidate gene/RFLP genetic associationOR=8.0
Nolsoe156126 families*North AmFAS and FAS ligand
Candidate gene/SNP typing transmission disequilibriump=0.006
Namjou1577490North AmTRAF6/rs5030470Candidate gene/SNP typing genetic associationOR=0.57
Jeon158147KoreaIL-6 3′IL-6 33Candidate gene/VNTR K9 logistic regression inheritance modelsp=0.02
Jeon159147KoreaIL-6/-278ACCandidate gene/SNP typing genetic associationp=0.006
Chan160107TaiwanSuppressor of cytokine signalling 1/-1478CA/delCandidate gene/SNP typing dominant inheritance modelp=0.007
Kim161148KoreaC reactive protein/-390CACandidate gene/SNP typing genetic associationp=0.043
Warchol162102PolandCatalase/-330CTCandidate gene/RFLP typing recessive inheritance model for CC genotypeOR=7.4
Hong163183KoreaFcgammaRIIIB/NA1/NA2Candidate gene/SNP typing genetic associationOR=2.4
  • *Families in these studies all had at least two patients with SLE.

  • AA, African–American; IL, interleukin; LOD, logarithm of odds; RFLP, restriction fragment length polymorphism; SNP, single-nucleotide polymorphism.