Table 2

Use of danazol in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) thrombocytopenia

AuthorNo. DesignRemission (%)DoseDurationComment
Marino763Series3 (100%)200–600ProlongedFailed intravenous Ig, intravenous glucocorticoids and splenectomy
Agnello773RBPCT3 (100%)6001 monthMild SLE, 7 patients in trial, 3 with low platelets
West796Series6 (100%)8001 yearAll failed glucocorticoids, 4/6 failed splenectomy
Blanco784Series4 (100%)400–80018–36 monthsAll failed glucocorticoids and at least one other drug
Cervera8016Series†16 (100%)200‡2–49 monthsAll failed glucocorticoids, 5 failed splenectomy
Arnal7418Series9 (50%)400–60028 monthsAll treated with glucocorticoids
  • Dose is given as milligram per day.

  • †This was a consecutive series of patients with SLE with thrombocytopenia and bleeding.

  • ‡200 mg/day initially, then increasing 200 mg each week until a response was noted.

  • RBPCT, randomised blinded placebo-controlled trial.