Table 2

Brain regions with significant differences in metabolic activity (A) between subjects with SLE and healthy controls; (B) between subjects with LT-SLE and ST-SLE

Brain regionCoordinates*†
(A) Metabolic increases in SLE compared with HC
Orbitofrontal cortex, BA 11
Putamen/globus pallidus, right3.7926−260
(B) Metabolic decreases in LT-SLE compared with ST-SLE
Prefrontal cortex, BA 9, left3.66−204220
Prefrontal cortex, BA 10, left3.92−105810
Premotor cortex, BA 6, left3.37−24848
  • *Montreal Neurological Institute standard space.55

  • †p<0.001, uncorrected; p<0.05, corrected for cluster extent.

  • BA, Brodmann area; HC, healthy controls; LT, long term; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus; ST, short term.