Table 3

Laboratory and histopathological characteristics at the time for repeat biopsy in clinical complete, partial and non-responders (all patients)

CR (n=17)PR (n=18)NR (n=32)p Value
Anti-DNA IU/mL*34 (10–120)22 (7–250)45 (5–300)0.67
C3, g/L0.81 (0.38–1.31)0.93 (0.6–1.38)0.72 (0.45–1.51)0.28
C4, g/L0.12 (0.06–0.28)0.16 (0.1–0.45)0.13 (0.02–0.29)0.08
Renal histology†, n
 Class I–II644
 Class III/IV (C)635
 Class III/IV (A) or (A/C)1710
 Class III/IV (A)+V002
 Class V4411
Activity index1 (0–3)2 (1–9)2 (0–12)0.001
Chronicity index1 (0–6)3 (0–8)1.5 (0–8)0.26
Histological response
 HR, n (%)12 (71)7 (39)9 (28)
 HNR, n (%)5 (29)11 (61)‡23 (72)
  • All statistical significant p-values (p<0.05) are in italics. Values are presented as median (range) unless otherwise indicated.

  • *Available in 57 patients.

  • †According to the International Society of Nephrology/ Renal Pathology Society (ISN/RPS) classification.

  • ‡Including the patient with a renal vasculitis on the repeat biopsy.

  • A, with active lesions; A/C, with both active and chronic lesions; C, with chronic lesions; C3, complement component 3; C4, complement component 4; CR, complete response; HNR, histopathological non-response; HR, histopathological response; n, number of patients; NR, non-response; PR, partial response.