Table 5

Laboratory findings at the time for repeat biopsy and clinical response in patients with baseline PN in histopathological responders vs non-responders

HR (n=27)HNR (n=30)p Value
Creatinine, µmol/L74 (48–306)76 (45–122)0.88
Albuminuria, g/day0.2 (0–3.4)0.6 (0.03–3.1)0.007
Anti-DNA IU/mL*18 (<5–250)49 (<5–300)0.03
C3, g/L0.74 (0.4–1.38)0.81 (0.38–1.51)0.83
C4, g/L0.13 (0.04–0.3)0.13 (0.03–0.45)0.53
Hematuria†, %30540.11
Clinical response, n
  • All statistical significant p-values (p<0.05) are in italics. Values are presented as median (range) unless otherwise indicated.

  • *Available in 47 patients.

  • †u-erytrocytes >1+ in % of patients.

  • C3, complement component 3; C4, complement component 4; CR, complete response; HNR, histopathological non-response; HR, histopathological response; n, number of patients; NR, non-response; PN, proliferative nephritis; PR, partial response.