Table 4

Significant covariates (p<0.05) from the univariate analysis of early improvement (up to week 8 of induction) and end-of-induction parameters associated with renal outcome

Treatment failureComplete renal remission
n (%)OR (95% CI)p Valuen (%)OR (95% CI)p Value
Population: complete population (n=370)
 UP/C reduction by week 8
  25% reduction (ref)63(35.2)
  No 25% reduction66(59.5)2.7 (1.7 to 4.4)<0.0001
 Anti-dsDNA reduction by week 8
  Reduction (ref)19(27.1)
  No reduction114(50.4)2.7 (1.5 to 4.9)0.0008
 C3 normalisation by week 8
  Normalisation (ref)27(29.7)
  No normalisation109(50.7)2.4 (1.4 to 4.1)0.0008
 C4 normalisation by week 8
  Normalisation (ref)34(35.4)
  No normalisation101(48.3)1.7 (1.0 to 2.8)0.0359
 C3 and C4 normalisation by week 8
  Normalisation (ref)13(25.5)
  No normalisation123(48.2)2.7 (1.4 to 5.4)0.0037
Population: maintenance population (n=227)
 Anti-dsDNA reduction by week 8
  Reduction (ref)6(10.5)
  No reduction47(29.6)3.6 (1.4 to 8.9)0.0063
 C4 at end induction
  ≥16 (ref)31(19.9)
  <1622(32.8)2.0 (1.0 to 3.8)0.0388
 UP/C at end induction
  ≤1 (ref)110(67.9)
  >126(42.6)0.4 (0.2 to 0.6)0.0007
  • Percentages show the proportion of TFs or complete remitters within the applicable covariate category.

  • Ref: reference category for ORs.

  • ORs >1 imply more TF or complete remission in comparison category than in reference category.

  • No covariates met the p<0.05 threshold for complete renal remission (complete population).

  • C3 (mg/dL) normalisation: change from <90 at baseline to ≥90 at week 8.

  • C4 (mg/dL) normalisation: change from <16 at baseline to ≥16 at week 8.

  • Anti-dsDNA (IU/mL) reduction: >200 at baseline to ≤60 at week 8.

  • >30 and ≤200 at baseline to ≤30 at week 8.

  • The numbers are reduced due to missing data. Each of the significant covariates in the complete population analysis contained approximately 300 of the 370 patients. The maintenance population analysis has less missing data with approximately 220 patients of the 227 contributing to the three analyses shown.

  • Anti-dsDNA, anti-double-stranded DNA; TF, treatment failure; UP/C, urine protein:creatinine ratio.