Table 5

The association between dietary nutrient intake and GC dose change (decreased vs unchanged/increased) between –1 year to inclusion, inclusion to +1 year and −1 year to +1 year

Time periodNutrient*OR†95% CIp Value
−1 year to InclusionBeta-carotene (µg)0.290.10 to 0.880.029
Inclusion to +1 yearVitamin B12 (µg)3.721.08 to 12.840.038
−1 year to +1 yearFatty acid C18:2 (g)0.300.10 to 0.900.031
Vitamin B6 (µg)0.290.10 to 0.870.027
Calcium (mg)‡5.361.64 to 17.520.005
Vitamin B12 (µg)3.201.08 to 9.430.035
  • *All nutrients are dichotomised into lower (<median) intake and higher (>median) intake. Low intake=referent group.

  • †OR adjusted for age and gender.

  • ‡After adjusting for calcium/vitamin D supplementation: OR=5.60 (95% CI 1.67 to 18.76).

  • GC, glucocorticoid.