Table 1

Patient characteristics before treatment

Renal (+)Renal (–)p Value
Age (years, mean±SD)42.2±15.737.7±13.20.23*
Sex (male/female)8/223/240.29†
Disease duration (years, mean±SD)8.6±6.07.1±8.70.45*
BMI (mean±SD)20.2±3.820.9±3.10.49*
Dose of TAC at start (mg/day, mean±SD)1.6±0.91.7±0.7>0.05*
Dosage of PSL at start (mg/day, mean±SD)13.2±9.212.6±7.8>0.05*
Rate of ACE/ARB use15/30 (50.0%)6/27 (22.2%)0.028†
Rate of statin use11/30 (36.7%)6/27 (22.2%)0.184†
  • *Analysis by Welch’s t test.†Analysis by Fisher's exact probability test.

  • ARB, angiotensin II receptor blocker; BMI, body mass index; PSL, prednisolone; TAC, tacrolimus.