Table 3

Adjusted logistic regression model for predictors of average doses of prednisone >7.5 mg/day during the months 2–12 of follow-up after systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) diagnosis, in the whole cohort and limited to patients with a baseline SLEDAI of ≥6

OR95% CI
Whole cohort (n=223)
 Low1.430.38 to 5.3
 Medium5.82.3 to 14.3
 High10.83.9 to 29.8
Methyl-prednisolone bolus (yes/no)0.320.10 to 1.02
Immunosuppressive drugs (yes/no)2.881.21 to 6.8
Weeks on HCQ1.000.99 to 1.00
Baseline SLEDAI1.071.01 to 1.14
Nephritis1.670.53 to 5.1
Age at diagnosis0.980.96 to 1.01
Baseline SLEDAI of 6 (n=158)
 Low1.490.29 to 7.5
 Medium4.61.65 to 12.9
 High11.43.5 to 37.03
Methyl-prednisolone bolus (yes/no)0.130.03 to 0.57
Immunosuppressive drugs (yes/no)2.390.85 to 6.6
Weeks on HCQ1.000.99 to 1.00
Baseline SLEDAI1.060.98 to 1.13
Nephritis3.640.96 to 13.8
Age at diagnosis0.980.95 to 1.01
  • Prednisone-1: average prednisone dose during the first month.

  • HCQ, hydroxychloroquine; SLEDAI, SLE Disease Activity Index.