TableĀ 9

Two studies of race-tailored interventions in African-Americans with lupus

Author, yearNObjectiveResultsConclusionsLevel of evidence
Yuen et al, 20118115To evaluate the effectiveness of a home-based exercise programme among sedentary African-American women with SLEPerceived fatigue severity was significantly decreased; body weight and waist circumference were significantly reduced; and anxiety level and overall intensity of total pain experience were significantly reduced.Findings provide preliminary support that the Wii Fit programme motivates this population to exercise, which leads to reduced fatigue, body weight, waist circumference, anxiety level and pain intensity.II
Yuen et al, 20138214To explore the process associated with the motivation for playing Wii Fit among patients with SLEAuthors found five themes (enjoyment, health benefits, sense of accomplishment, convenience and personalised) that revealed why the participants were motivated to play the Wii Fit. However, several participants commented they were not able to do many activities, master certain games or figure out how to play some; as a result, they were bored with the limited selection of activities that they could do.The motivational elements of the Wii Fit may contribute to improved exercise motivation and adherence in select sedentary African-American women with SLE. Results provide a better understanding on the important elements to incorporate in the development of sustainable home-based exercise programmes with interactive health video games for this population.III
  • SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus.