Abstract CE-28 Table 1

Multivariable cox proportional hazard model: Time-to-thrombosis

VariableHR95% CI:
Previous Thrombosis7.534.75–11.95
Age at enrolment (Spline)
 5 years increase at 20 years0.920.81–1.04
 5 years increase at 40 years1.070.98–1.18
 5 years increase at 50 years1.671.12–2.35
Corticosteroids Dose*
 <7.5 mg/d vs. No0.810.36–1.84
 7.5 – 15 mg/d vs. No1.000.46–2.16
 ≥15 – 60 mg/d vs. No1.560.79–3.05
 ≥60 mg/d vs. No3.151.43–6.94
  • * Time dependent covariates.

    **Variables considered as candidate for inclusion in the multivariable model but not selected in the final model were: ethnic group, medical coverage, hemolytic anaemia, renal disease, neurological disease, SLEDAI and SLICC-SDI at cohort enrolment and anticoagulant use (time-dependent).