Table 2

Multivariate linear mixed models effects of uPCR with biomarkers

Estimate SEp Value
EC4d (log net MFI)0.8±0.2<0.001
ECR1 (log net MFI)−0.6±0.20.019
C3 (mg/dL)−0.01±0.010.280
C4 (mg/dL)−0.01±0.030.686
  • Intercept and estimates for each of the marker with p values are given. For example, a one-unit decrease in log EC4d was associated with a 0.8±0.2-unit decrease in uPCR, while a one-unit increase in log ECR1 was associated with a 0.6±0.2-unit decrease in uPCR. C3 and C4 levels were not associated with the change in uPCR after adjusting for EC4d and ECR1 levels.

  • MFI, mean fluorescent intensity; uPCR, urinary protein to creatinine ratio.