Table 2

Comparison of the BCDT and conventionally treated patients

BCDT groupControl group
Demographic characteristics
 Age (years)34.3834.67ND (p=0.626)
 Gender (women/men)16/048/0ND
 EthnicityCaucasian 9
A/C 4
South-Asian 3
Caucasians 27
A/C 12
South-Asian 9
Clinical manifestations
 Joint involvement1644ND (p=0.56)
 Skin manifestations11 (68.8%)28 (58.3%)ND (p=0.46)
 Serositis3 (18.8%)15 (31.3%)ND (p=0.336)
 Pleurisy1 (6.3%)3 (6.3%)ND (p=1.00)
 Renal lupus2 (12.5%)9 (18.8%)ND (p=0.57)
 CNS lupus04 (8.3%ND (p=0.233)
 Autoimmune hepatitis02ND (p=0.41)
 BILAG score26.6811.08p=0.005**
Serological markers
 ESR (mm/hour)62.13±41.532.89±29.8p=0.005**
 Complement (g/L)0.68±0.31.22±1.76p=0.068**
 Anti-dsDNA (IU/mL)1113.87±1699.4129±233p=0.001**
 IgG (g/L)17.8±6.0917.8±3.4ND (p=0.98)
 Prednisolone dose at first treatment (mg/day)11.529.12±35.2p=0.02**
  • BCDT, B-cell depletion treatment; BILAG, British Isles Lupus Assessment Group; CNS, central nervous system; dsDNA, double-stranded DNA; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate.

  • **indicates statistical significance.