Table 4

Multivariable analysis of pericarditis in SLE (p<0.05)

Clinical featuresCross-sectionalProspective
OR95% CIp ValueHR95% CIp Value
Age at SLE diagnosis0.990.98 to 0.990.0023
African-American1.521.21 to 1.910.00031.681.38 to 2.05<0.0001
Haemolytic anaemia1.761.25 to 2.480.0014
Fever1.491.19 to 1.870.00051.51.18 to 1.90.0009
Proteinuria1.391.11 to 1.740.0037
Lymphadenopathy1.321.05 to 1.660.01811.341.03 to 1.740.0312
Raynaud’s syndrome1.621.29 to 2.02<0.00011.41.11 to 1.770.0045
Anti-DNA1.341.05 to 1.720.021.411.13 to 1.750.0019
Anti-Sm1.391.08 to 1.790.01171.331.01 to 1.760.0417
Pulmonary hypertension2.651.86 to 3.78<0.0001
Nephrotic syndrome1.361.04 to 1.770.0246
Seizure1.691.22 to 2.340.0015
Pulmonary fibrosis1.51.02 to 2.20.0404
Pleural fibrosis2.651.49 to 4.710.0009
Cardiomyopathy2.381.42 to 3.990.001
Infarction or resection of bowel1.931.52 to 2.45<0.0001
  • *Logistic regression also adjusts for ESR, which are not shown in the table because association is not statistically significant.

  • †Cox regression was also adjusted for arthritis, which is not shown in the table as it was not statistically significant.

  • ‡Blank cell indicates the clinical feature was not selected into corresponding multivariate analysis.