Table 5

Multivariable analysis of pleurisy in SLE (p<0.05)

Clinical featuresCross-sectionalProspective
OR95% CIp ValueHR95% CIp Value
Age at SLE diagnosis0.990.98 to 0.990.0001
Arthritis1.741.42 to 2.12<0.00011.361.16 to 1.580.0001
Pancreatitis2.121.27 to 3.530.0039
Pulmonary fibrosis1.911.39 to 2.610.00011.631.1 to 2.420.0157
Fever1.541.28 to 1.85<0.00011.381.18 to 1.62<0.0001
Lymphadenopathy1.271.05 to 1.530.0148
Raynaud’s syndrome1.291.08 to 1.540.00511.211.04 to 1.40.0134
Anti-DNA1.181.01 to 1.390.0424
Low C31.231.02 to 1.470.0273
Low C41.231.01 to 1.480.0358
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate1.261.02 to 1.550.0300
Chronic pericarditis or pericardiectomy3.221.56 to 6.630.0015
Infarction or resection of bowel1.491.2 to 1.860.00041.561.21 to 2.00.0006
  • *Logistic regression also adjusts for mouth ulcer, pulmonary hypertension, cranial or peripheral neuropathy, which are not shown in the table because association is not statistically significant,

  • †Cox regression was also adjusted for pancreatitis, anti-Sm, which are not shown in the table as they were not statistically significant.

  • ‡Blank cell indicates the clinical feature was not selected into corresponding multivariate analysis.