Table 1

Baseline data and antibody profiles in patients with SLE stratified by ancestral background

Female (%)90.382.186.93.390.1839
Age, mean±SD years39.9±14.722.8±14.739.6±18.2<0.0001
ANA (%)98.195.599.02.490.2886
Anti-dsDNA (%)42.646.342.40.310.8548
Anti-Sm (%)39.425.415.219.77<0.0001
Anti-RNP (%)67.629.922.268.10<0.0001
Anti-Ro (%)55.635.833.317.090.0001
Anti-La (%)
APL (%)11.114.922.26.300.0350
IFNα activity, median (IQR)5.3 (0.9–30.5)2.0 (0.7–16.7)1.4 (0.3–5.1)<0.0001
  • *P values were derived from the Χ2 test statistic with two df for all variables, except for age and IFNα activity, which was calculated using one-way analysis of variance with a P value calculated from Kruskal-Wallis test.

  • Anti-dsDNA, antidouble-stranded DNA; APL, antiphospholipid; anti-RNP, antiribonucleoprotein; IFNα, interferon-α.