Table 2

Anifrolumab serum PK parameters following subcutaneous and intravenous administration of anifrolumab

300 mg SC (n=6)300 mg IV (n=6)600 mg SC (n=6)*
AUC (day·μg/mL), mean (SD)785 (331)907 (175)1828 (680)
Cmax (μg/mL), mean (SD)36.2 (11.6)82.4 (13.2)63.9 (20.5)
tmax (day), median (range)4.1 (4.0–7.0)0.03 (0.03–1.03)7.0 (4.0–9.0)
CL (L/day), mean (SD)NA0.34 (0.05)NA
CL/F (L/day), mean (SD)0.43 (0.17)NA0.37 (0.16)
  • *N=5 for AUC and CL/F because one individual was lost to follow-up after Day 22.

  • AUC, area under the serum concentration-time curve from time 0 extrapolated to infinity; Cmax, maximum serum concentration; CL, total body clearance after intravenous administration; CL/F, apparent total body clearance after extravascular administration estimated as dose divided by AUC; IV, intravenous; NA, not applicable; SC, subcutaneous; tmax, time to reach maximum serum concentration.