Table 3

Linear mixed model estimates for the clinical SELENA-SLEDAI and PGA in relation to laboratory measures by multivariate analysis

ModelOutcome variablePredictorsSlope estimate; p valuesMarginal
R2 (%)
EC4d + low C3/C4Clinical
EC4d (log net MFI)+0.94±0.28; p<0.01*
Low complement C3/C41.24±0.43; p<0.01
EC4d (log net MFI)+0.12±0.04; p< 0.01
Low complement C3/C40.24±0.06;  p<0.01
+ low C3/C4 +anti-dsDNA
Clinical SELENA-SLEDAIIntercept−0.53±0.12;19.6
EC4d (log net MFI)+0.49±0.28; p=0.07
Low complement C3/C4+0.79±0.43; p=0.07
Anti-dsDNA (log net MFI)0.90±0.17; p=0.01
EC4d (log net MFI)+0.09±0.04; p = 0.03
Low complement C3/C4+0.20±0.06; p< 0.01
Anti-dsDNA (log net MFI)0.06±0.02; p = 0.01
  • Intercept, slope estimates, p values and marginal R2 are given.

  • *One log EC4d levels and low complement C3/C4 were associated with a 0.9-point and 1.2-point in clinical SELENA-SLEDAI, respectively; presence of both one log EC4d levels and low complement C3/C4 was associated with 2.1-point clinical SELENA-SLEDAI.

  • dsDNA, double-stranded DNA; EC4d, erythrocyte- bound C4d; MFI, mean fluorescence intensity; PGA, Physicians Global Assessment; SELENA-SLEDAI, Safety of Estrogens in Lupus Erythematosus National Assessment— SLE Disease Activity Index.