Table 1

Subjects included by analysis

Screened for human leucocyte antigen AbsScreened for Class I Ag specificitiesScreened for Class II Ag specificitiesAge of diagnosis analysisNephritis analysisErosion analysis
 Nulliparous males114800
 Nulliparous females175700
 Parous females23935*42*
Systemic lupus erythematosus
 Nulliparous males489*15*4848
 Nulliparous females485*15*47†48
 Parous females2242525224223‡
Rheumatoid arthritis
 Nulliparous males480039†39§
 Nulliparous females48004831§
 Parous females2022525184†161§
  • *All antibody positive samples screened.

  • †Age of diagnosis not available on some subjects.

  • ‡Data on nephritis missing for one subject.

  • §Data on erosions missing for some subjects.