Table 1

Types and purposes of SLE definitions used by different stakeholders. The types of definitions, illness models, modes of diagnosis and time considerations are described in the text

StakeholderPurpose of naming a diagnosisDefinitionIllness modelModeTime limited?
PayerDetermine reimbursement.ExclusiveSeparateBinaryYes
AdministratorCount affected persons.ExclusiveSeparateBinaryYes
EpidemiologistCount affected persons.Inclusive or exclusiveSeparate >linearBinaryYes
Clinical researcherIdentify homogeneous populations to identify risk, measure outcomes, study mechanisms, develop and test treatments.ExclusiveSeparateBinaryYes
Basic/translational researcherIdentify affected persons to study mechanisms and/or causes.Inclusive or exclusiveSeparate or linearBinary or scalarYes or no
EditorClassify published articles.Inclusive or exclusiveSeparate or linearNot consideredNot considered
PhysicianIdentify cause of symptoms, prognosticate and treat.InclusiveLinearScalarNo
PatientKnow prognosis, choose among diagnostic and treatment options.InclusiveLinearScalarNo