Abstract 191 Table 1

Improvement after three months in patient activation and self-efficacy in subgroup analyses of 541 patients given access to MyLupusGuide (analyses done on pooled groups after a 3 months exposure* to MLG)

OutcomeSubgroupMean±Standard Error p value
PAMIntention to treat0.81±0.580.16
PAMPer Protocol (complete visits+access to MLG)0.57±0.74 0.45
PAMLow PAM at baseline2.24±0.800.01
Self-EfficacyIntention to Treat1.72±0.770.03
Palliative CopingIntention to Treat0.12±0.210.57
Distractive CopingIntention to Treat0.34±0.250.17
Instrumental copingIntention to Treat−0.14±0.230.54
Emotional copingIntention to Treat−0.46±0.250.06
  • * Pooled Difference Post vs Pre MLG access for time 0 to 3 months in the NOW group and time 3 to 6 months in the LATER group.