Table 1

Demographics at enrolment

SDLT armMAP/CB-CAPs testing arm
Number of patients7372
Age (years)48.4±1.650.0±1.8
Gender (% females)94.5%93.1%
Caucasians (%)67.1%73.6%
African Americans (%)24.7%18.1%
Asians (%)2.7%2.8%
Others (%)5.5%5.6%
Days since referral*28±333±3
ANA (historical, %)†100%100%
PGA (0–3 point)1.1±0.11.2±0.1
Likelihood of SLE (0–5 points)1.42±0.061.46±0.06
Prednisone (%)5.5%5.6%
Hydroxychloroquine (%)9.6%13.9%
  • Results are expressed as average (SEM) and percent as appropriate.

  • *Per protocol, all patients were referred to the rheumatologist for less than 3 months.

  • †Per protocol, all patients had ahistory of ANA positivity.

  • ‡EQ5D-5L was available in 64 and 66 patients randomised to SDLT and MAP/CB-CAPs arm, respectively.

  • CB-CAP, cell-bound complement activation products; EQ5D-5L, five-level EuroQol five-dimensional questionnaire; MAP, multianalyte assay panel; PGA, physician global assessment; SDLT, standard diagnosis laboratory testing.