Table 2

Physician-reported likelihood of SLE pretest and post-test

Pretest; enrolmentPost-test; review of test resultsPost-test;12 weeks
SDLT arm
1.42±0.061.23±0.08 (−0.19±0.07)1.11±0.10 (−0.31±0.10)
MAP/CB-CAPs testing arm
1.46±0.061.01±0.10 (−0.44±0.10)0.85±0.10 (−0.61±0.10)
  • Results are expressed as mean (SEM) at each study visit and as change from enrolment (in parenthesis).

  • CB-CAPs, cell-bound complement activation products; MAP, multianalyte assay panel; SDLT, standard diagnosis laboratory testing.