Table 3

Results of the linear regression models for Lp(a), GalT-V and ox-PC in the control and SLE groups, accounting for race and age differences

African–American coefficient (p value)Other race coefficient (p value)Age coefficient
(p value)
Case–control status coefficient (p value)
Log(Lp(a))0.021 (0.38)−0.039 (0.29)<0.0001 (0.95)0.092 (<0.0001)
Log(Galt-V)−0.010 (0.76)−0.014 (0.78)−0.002 (0.14)0.297 (<0.0001)
Log(ox-PC/apoB)0.029 (0.54)0.099 (0.19)−0.002 (0.27)0.228 (<0.0001)
  • The dependent variables are specified in the left most column, and the independent variables (covariates) are specified in the first row. Each cell contains the coefficient and corresponding p value of the independent variable specified by the column headers, in the context of the linear regression model of the dependent variable specified by the row headers.

  • apoB, apolipoprotein B; GalT-V, galactosyltransferase-V; Lp(a), lipoprotein(a); ox-PC, oxidised phosphocholines.