Table 2

Contribution of bone metabolism features in carotid/femoral plaque formation and arterial wall thickening (IMT>0.90 mm) among patients with SLE

PlaqueNo plaqueP valueIMT >0.9 mmIMT ≤0.9 mmP value
Bone metabolism markers
PTH (mean±SD), pg/mL51.1±27.737.4±18.40.00354.0±32.740.0±18.30.02
Hyperparathyroidism (>65 pg/mL) (%)
25-OHD (mean±SD), ng/mL20.2±9.420.2±8.4ns20.0±9.719.9±8.7ns
Vitamin D deficiency (<20 ng/mL) (%)50.850.9ns58.351.4ns
Ca (mean±SD), mmol/L9.4±0.59.4±0.4ns9.4±0.59.4±0.4ns
P (mean±SD), mmol/L3.4±0.63.3±0.6ns3.5±0.63.3±0.6ns
Ca urine (mean±SD), g/24 hours0.13±0.130.16±0.20ns0.09±0.060.16±0.19ns
P urine (mean±SD), g/24 hours0.65±0.370.58±0.32ns0.60±0.250.64±0.40ns
CTX (mean±SD), ng/mL0.35±0.280.39±0.28ns0.38±0.340.35±0.25ns
NTX (mean±SD) ng/mL36.8±29.335.6±27.2ns38.4±33.735.4±26.5ns
Disorders of bone metabolism
Osteoporosis (%)
Osteopenia (%)27.122.0ns26.38.6ns
Osteoporotic fractures (%)6.51.8ns6.13.9ns
Osteoporosis treatment
Calcium supplementation (%)74.075.4ns75.576.3ns
Vitamin D supplementation (%)77.975.0ns81.676ns
Bisphosphonates (%)43.426.30.0439.634.2ns
  • CTX, C-terminal telopeptide of type I collagen; IMT, intima–media thickness; ns, non-significant; NTX, N-terminal telopeptide of type I collagen; 25-OHD, 25(OH) vitamin D3; PTH, parathormone.