Table 3

Secondary outcomes by LN status

SLE only
OR (95% CI)
(ref=SLE only)
P value
Hospital admission*17 (19.8%)24 (27.6%)1.55 (0.76 to 3.14)0.23
Hospital LoS (days, n=40)†5.5 (1.5–22.0)4.0 (1.5–11.5)0.56
ICU admission*1 (1.2%)0 (0.0%)ND0.50
Death within 6 months F/U*2 (2.3%)2 (2.3%)0.99 (0.14 to 7.18)0.99
  • *Presented as n (%) and OR based on a binary logistic regression.

  • †Presented as median (IQR) and tested using Mann-Whitney U test.

  • F/U, follow-up; ICU, intensive care unit; LN, lupus nephritis; LoS, length of stay; ND, not determined due to zero event.