Table 4

Total FIT scores

Consensus itemTotal
Round 1Round 2
Drug development
 Simplify and standardise clinical trial outcome measures, including steroid-sparing as an outcome.7.287.67
 Increase participant representativeness in clinical trials (e.g., minority, paediatric and cutaneous lupus erythematosus).6.676.56
 Propel quality of life-driven studies (e.g., fatigue).6.396.56
 Develop data sharing approaches related to biomarkers, clinical data and lab samples.6.006.06
Clinical care
 Define the lupus spectrum.6.947.44
 Identify and support development of adherence strategies that work for lupus and communicate them to patients and providers.7.177.22
 Drive clinical and lab-based measures for individualised treatments.6.065.89
 Perform longitudinal studies of prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers.6.175.50
Access to care
 Leverage social media.7.947.78
 Explore broader partnering.6.716.89
 Provide payor education and establish alignment.6.356.44
 Develop standardised and specialised, expert-driven care pathways.6.286.44
 Develop evidence base for interventions, including standardised endpoints/outcomes.6.366.00
 Drive telehealth advances and reimbursement, and build on current infrastructures.6.226.00
 Build the case for World Health Organization (WHO) prioritisation.5.525.11
  • The solutions are listed in order of highest to lowest Round 2 FIT score within each pillar.

  • FIT, feasibility, impact and timeline for implementation.