Table 3

Impact of remission on damage

AuthorsPatientsFollow-up yearsRemissionImpact
Disease activity indexImmunological activityPGAPDN daily doseIS useAM useMinimal duration
Polachek et al76204SLEDAI=0Not allowedNRNot allowedNot allowedAllowed1 year∆SDI: 0.1 vs 0.2 (remission vs LDA only) at year 2; p=0.18
Zen et al16*2937C-SLEDAI=0AllowedNR≤5AllowedAllowed1 year1 year (reference <1 year) OR 0.947, p=0.946
Zen et al16*2937C-SLEDAI=0AllowedNR≤5AllowedAllowed2 years2 years (reference <1 year) OR 0.228, p=0.028
Zen et al16*2937C-SLEDAI=0AllowedNR≤5AllowedAllowed3 years3 years (reference <1 year) OR 0.116, p=0.001
Zen et al16*2937C-SLEDAI=0AllowedNR≤5AllowedAllowed4 years4 years (reference <1 year) OR 0.118, p=0.005
Zen et al16*2937C-SLEDAI=0AllowedNR≤5AllowedAllowed5 years≥5 years (reference <1 year) OR 0.044, p<0.001
Ugarte-Gil et al14*13502.4SLEDAI=0Not allowedNR≤5AllowedAllowedAt least onceNew damage (reference active)
HR 0.60, p=0.0042
Ugarte-Gil et al14*13502.4SLEDAI=0Not allowedNR≤5AllowedAllowedAt least onceNew damage non-GC (reference active)
HR 0.51, p=0.0006
Ugarte-Gil et al14*13502.4SLEDAI=0Not allowedNR≤5AllowedAllowedAt least onceNew severe damage non-GC (reference active)
HR 0.31, p=0.0101
Ugarte-Gil et al14*13502.4SLEDAI=0Not allowedNR≤5AllowedAllowedAt least onceNew damage GC (reference active)
HR 0.99, p=0.9697
Tsang-A-Sjoe et al151835C-SLEDAI=0AllowedNR≤5AllowedAllowed5 yearsProlonged remission (5 years) OR=0.20, p=0.001
Mok et al3769NRC-SLEDAI=0Allowed<0.5≤5AllowedAllowed5 yearsNo remission or remission <5 years OR damage 2.42, p<0.001
Petri et al18*1356NRC-SLEDAI=0Allowed<0.5≤5AllowedAllowedNRLess than 25%
RR 0.54, p<0.0001, 25%–50% on remission RR 0.47, p<0.0001, 50%–75% RR 0.43, p<0.0001, >=75%, RR 0.45, p=0.0019 (reference not remission)
Petri et al18*1356NRC-SLEDAI=0Allowed<0.50AllowedAllowedNRLess than 25% RR 0.60, p<0.0001, 25%–50% on remission RR 0.66, p=0.023, 50%–75% RR 0.63, p=0.035, >=75%, RR=0.58, p=0.12 (reference not remission)
Golder et al27*17072.2C-SLEDAI=0Allowed<0.50AllowedAllowedNRHR 0.64, p=0.020 (>=50% vs <50%)
Golder et al27*17072.2C-SLEDAI=0Allowed<0.50Not allowedAllowedNRHR 0.60, p=0.022 (>=50% vs <50%)
Golder et al27*17072.2C-SLEDAI=0Allowed<0.5<=5AllowedAllowedNRHR 0.49, p<0.0001 (>=50% vs <50%)
Golder et al27*17072.2C-SLEDAI=0Allowed<0.5<=5Not allowedAllowedNRHR 0.58, p=0.0005 (>=50% vs <50%)
Golder et al2727*17072.2C-SLEDAI=0Not allowed<0.50AllowedAllowedNRHR 0.62, p=0.076 (>=50% vs <50%)
Golder et al27*17072.2C-SLEDAI=0Not allowed<0.50Not allowedAllowedNRHR 0.59, p=0.083 (>=50% vs <50%)
Golder et al27*17072.2C-SLEDAI=0Not allowed<0.5<=5AllowedAllowedNRHR 0.63, p=0.0083 (>=50% vs <50%)
Golder et al27*17072,2C-SLEDAI=0Not allowed<0.5<=5Not allowedAllowedNRHR 0.65, p=0.043 (>=50% vs <50%)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsAnyAllowedAny<=5AllowedAllowed1 yearOR 0.952 (p=0.828)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsAnyAllowedAny<=5AllowedAllowed2 yearsOR 0.858 (p=0.471)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsAnyAllowedAny<=5AllowedAllowed3 yearsOR 0.912 (p=0.668)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsAnyAllowedAny<=5AllowedAllowed4 yearsOR 0.391 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsAnyAllowedAny<=5AllowedAllowed5 yearsOR 0.620 (p=0.010)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsAnyAllowed<0.5AllowedAllowedAllowed1 yearOR 0.808 (p=0.185)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsAnyAllowed<0.5AllowedAllowedAllowed2 yearsOR 0.560 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsAnyAllowed<0.5AllowedAllowedAllowed3 yearsOR 0.427 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsAnyAllowed<0.5AllowedAllowedAllowed4 yearsOR 0.226 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsAnyAllowed<0.5AllowedAllowedAllowed5 yearsOR 0.377 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsC-SLEDAI=0AllowedAnyAllowedAllowedAllowed1 yearOR 0.766 (p=0.119)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsC-SLEDAI=0AllowedAnyAllowedAllowedAllowed2 yearsOR 0.454 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsC-SLEDAI=0AllowedAnyAllowedAllowedAllowed3 yearsOR 0.512 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsC-SLEDAI=0AllowedAnyAllowedAllowedAllowed4 yearsOR 0.173 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsC-SLEDAI=0AllowedAnyAllowedAllowedAllow
5 yearsOR 0.382 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsAnyAllowed<0.5<=5AllowedAllowed1 yearOR 0.764 (p=0.101)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsAnyAllowed<0.5<=5AllowedAllowed2 yearsOR 0.495 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsAnyAllowed<0.5<=5AllowedAllowed3 yearsOR 0.430 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsAnyAllowed<0.5<=5AllowedAllowed4 yearsOR 0.294 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsAnyAllowed<0.5<=5AllowedAllowed5 yearsOR 0.363 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsC-SLEDAI=0Allowed<0.5AllowedAllowedAllowed1 yearOR 0.857 (p=0.326)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsC-SLEDAI=0Allowed<0.5AllowedAllowedAllowed2 yearsOR 0.514 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsC-SLEDAI=0Allowed<0.5AllowedAllowedAllowed3 yearsOR 0.459 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsC-SLEDAI=0Allowed<0.5AllowedAllowedAllowed4 yearsOR 0.243 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsC-SLEDAI=0Allowed<0.5AllowedAllowedAllowed5 yearsOR 0.397 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsC-SLEDAI=0AllowedAny<=5AllowedAllowed1 yearOR 0.888 (p<0.471)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsC-SLEDAI=0AllowedAny<=5AllowedAllowed2 yearsOR 0.497 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsC-SLEDAI=0AllowedAny<=5AllowedAllowed3 yearsOR 0.548 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsC-SLEDAI=0AllowedAny<=5AllowedAllowed4 yearsOR 0.251 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsC-SLEDAI=0AllowedAny<=5AllowedAllowed5 yearsOR 0.411 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsC-SLEDAI=0Allowed<0.5<=5AllowedAllowed1 yearOR 0.800 (p=0.167)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsC-SLEDAI=0Allowed<0.5<=5AllowedAllowed2 yearsOR 0.479 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsC-SLEDAI=0Allowed<0.5<=5AllowedAllowed3 yearsOR 0.438 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsC-SLEDAI=0Allowed<0.5<=5AllowedAllowed4 yearsOR 0.296 (p<0.001)
Saccon et al35*6465 yearsC-SLEDAI=0Allowed<0.5<=5AllowedAllowed5 yearsOR 0.384 (p<0.001)
Jakez-Ocampo et al36NR (case control)NRC-SLEDAI=0AllowedNRNot allowedNot allowedNot allowed10 yearsRemission group: 0.68±0.67, control group 1.05±0.87 (p=0.016).
No difference between those on remission with or without serological activity.
Floris et al341161.5C-SLEDAI=0Allowed<0.5AllowedAllowedAllowedNROR=0.07, p=0.015
Nikfar et al371938C-SLEDAI=0Allowed<0.5<=5Not allowedAllowed5 yearsOR=0.62, p=0.047
  • *If an article included more than one definition, a row per definition is included.

  • AM, antimalarials; C-SLEDAI, Clinical Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Disease Activity Index; IS, immunosuppressive drug; LDAS, low disease activity status; LLDAS, lupus low disease activity state; NR, not reported; PDN, prednisone; PGA, Physician Global Assessment.;